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1- Kardi Junior -
2- Set of Aprotie Organics products (5 of them) applying orange water
    - Cleansing Oil -
    - Cleansing Foam -
    - Serum In Toner -
    - Moisture Milk -
    - Hand Cream -
3- DiCHO Universal Laundry Detergent -
4- DiCHO Kitchen Cleaner -
5- Multifunction Fridge Purifier - 
6- Health Pillow -
7- Health Mattress -

combined with the Microcomputer Controlled Weight Reducing Belt - SLIMMING BELT for $99 only. Do not be deterred by the 220 Voltage - simple remedy - purchase additionally a Simram SMF-100 Universal 100W Travel Converter for Both 110-Volt and 220-Volt from $8 to $15.99 only (price may vary; not sold online from our store) suitable for any trips and countries worldwide. 


They include Cardiovascular Health, Joint Health, Brain Health and Women’s Health to name but a few. Krill Oil is usually combined with Primrose Oil and/or Green Ginseng Infusion

Kardi Krill Oil With Sea Buckthorn 01  EveningPrimroseOil and/or GreenGinsengInfusion

Numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of antioxidants and the role they play in maintaining good health, reducing risk of heart disease, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cancer, etc. Antioxidants also help slow down the aging process, which can have immense effects on your skin health.
Browse the menu for details or click CordyCafe Grape Extract Capsules (Cholican), Rejuvenation Capsules , Vision Bilberry and Goji Berry Extract 

CordyCafe-01-wm.jpg   GrapeExtractCapsules-Cholikan.jpg     Cell-Rejuvenation-Capsules.jpgVisionBilberryGojiBerryExtract.jpg

Spirulina – for an energy supplement; Green Ginseng Infusion – for support in times of physical weakness and exhaustion; Evening Primrose Oil Softgels – good for weakened immune system, removing general toning including chronic fatigue; Lipid Metabolic Management Tea – helps energize and revitalize the body – to name a few ones only. 

Although the products of the Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) are of herbal origin, it is strongly advised to consult your physician prior to follow the dose and frequency of administration recommended herein.



It's time to set personal GOAL
Select from wide variety of Tiens products, see below to mention a few, and control your weight…/metabolism-and-hormonal-h…/overweight
Before doing so, please, keep in mind the following:

Although the products of the Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) are of herbal origin, it is strongly advised to consult your physician prior to follow the dose and frequency of administration recommended herein.

Banting_Vegetal_Essence.jpg Lipid-Metabolic-Management-Tea.jpgCell-Rejuvenation-Capsules.jpg

Valetine's Day - Gifts To Choose

A month to go and again an opportunity to show affection and feelings to the loved ones.

The bracelets are not only elegant but improve blood circulation and physical performance, alleviate fatigue, are beneficial to both physical and mental health, enhance immunity, and a lot more.

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Crystal Black Men's Bracelet Elegant Black Men's Bracelet Glaring Golden Women's Bracelet   


                                        Magic White Women's Bracelet




Hi everyone,

Christmas is almost over, New Year comes soon and you are more and more concerned what about excess of weight, heavy stomach, or increased calorie intake whether now or throughout the year.

Please, read the beneficial effects of Capsilite Capsules, Chitosan Capsules, or even the Spirulina Capsules to balance your weight and calories, ensure your well being, etc. They do result from experience of the Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) dating back several thousand years.

Do not hesitate to purchase and try some of them consulting our webpage or directly the links above.



According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Cordyceps supports overall good health, strengthens human resistance to disease, builds strength, endurance and stamina. A high-tech process is used in the culturing and separation of Cordyceps Mycelium for the preparation of this product. Owed to its scarcity and high price, Cordyceps had always been reserved exclusively for the Emperors’ indulgence; and until recently, it has been virtually unknown in the Western world.


We are proud to announce the resumption of TIENS activities and operation in the territory of North America. The reopening of the distribution center is in process and may take some time. Nevertheless, we are capable of meeting your demands and respond to your orders from our current warehouse/distribution center in the United Kingdom. Consequently, some deliveries may be delayed therefore you are kindly requested to have patience with possible delivery delays. Registration of potential distributors is possible only after the distribution center in the North America is established and opened. Until then, wish us best luck in this our endeavor.

It is a dental care product that is enriched with Sarcandra, Honeysuckle and Wild Chrysanthemum extracts. The fine paste material & high-grade, silica, supplement provide thorough cleaning & protection function. A dental care product that is enriched with strontium & Paeonol. Strontium is globally recognized to desensitize teeth & increase teeth’s resistance to acid & mouton peel extract has the effect of resisting acid & inflammation, ceasing bleeding, relieving pain, reducing harmful heat & relieving gum swelling. It contains natural ingredients & safe to use


Effervescent Tablets